We started Routed when we were 23. At that age, most of our friends were either on their way to mint money, or were planning the next big party. Here we were, on the other hand, with all that we had earned being pushed into starting something that we genuinely cared about - experience driven, impactful, offbeat travel. Everyone warned us that this was a BIG risk. Everyone told us to go back and do our "jobs" but the entrepreneur bug had done the deed, and just like that, after months of epiphanies and research, Routed was born. The hustle has been real and quite intense, but it has also been the most fun and fulfilling years of our lives and we would not have had it any other way!

We’ve had our fair share of apprehensions too. But our confidence in our work is reinstated each time we see people having their moments of connection with the mountains (or themselves!) or when life long friendships blossom out of a week long trip, when people fall in love, and when people learn things that change them in the most beautiful ways. It is reinstated when instead of dismissing us as "too young", people actually give us a chance based on the hard work they see us put in, when people actually "experience" instead of just mindlessly tick places off their bucket list.

This is our journey - full of love and life!

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If you are someone who hates tick box itineraries, wants to travel offbeat and actually "live" through the experiences that different destinations have to offer - You are in the right place. When you explore with Routed, you will meet the most amazing people, travel seamlessly and take back so much more than you came for. Traveling is all about unique experiences, and that is exactly what we craft in each of our trips.

We curate and customize group tours, family vacations, school and college trips, corporate outreaches, honeymoons, event logistics etc. If you are a solo traveler and are looking to travel, we have some fixed departures lined up for you. Our fixed departures take you through breathtaking destinations and are perfect for solo travelers, couples, a bunch of friends - basically anyone who wants to take a break!

Think experience travel, think Routed!