Bhutan is a mystery to most of us. Behind its exquisite monasteries, munchkin like people, towering snow capped mountains and high happiness quotient, there lies a land of intrigue. Even though you are stepping into a whole different country, something about it instantly makes you comfortable. In Bhutan LTD. we take you on a road trip from India - across the border into this amazing destination to truly explore it in all its glory.




This little village nestled on the border between India and Bhutan has a character of its own. With prayer flags fluttering to welcome you into the last Shangrila, there is only so much you can do to not fall in love with its quaint beauty. Our evening is spent walking around Phuentsholing's markets, visiting an ancient monastery for prayers and gorging on some much needed comfort mountain food!!!

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Driving out to Paro is by far the best experiences you could gift yourself especially when its snowing. You will start seeing the giant mountains on your left as you traverse these roads. Making sufficient stops for refreshments enroute, we reach Paro just in time to catch the sunset from a vantage point. We stay tonight in Paro. If we have time, we will catch up on some sightseeing in Paro, if not, then we will do it the next day!

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Our day starts with a hike to the famous Tiger's Nest monastery or Taktasang as it is better know locally. This hike is a medium intensity 8 km hike that traverses through mud patches and steps. Since it is mostly uphill, we would suggest exercising regularly at least for a month before you come for this trip. Since the monastery shuts at lunch for an hour, our aim will be to start early in the morning and descend by 3:00 PM. Post lunch and rest at the hotel, we can walk out to the Paro market for a hot stone massage, shopping and some cafe hopping!

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We will be crossing the famous Dochu La Pass this day, driving through a route that overlooks Bhutan's tallest peaks - Gangkhar Puensum. Sitting alongside the confluence of Bhutan's two lush rivers - Mo Chuu and Pho Chuu (literally translating to Mother and Father Rivers) This ancient Bhutanese capital comes alive in the winters. Our evening will involve a small campfire, great music and conversations!

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In Punakha, we will be walking around today - to a phallic worshiping temple dedicated to Bhutanese spiritual guru, Drukpa Kunley. Those interested in Rafting through the magnificent rivers can do so too. Our morning walk will also involve a visit to a farm, attending the morning prayers in a monastery and visiting some hidden sites. We drive out to Thimpu today. This night, we go bar hopping for some drinks and music. Bhutanese night life is nothing less than epic - ofcourse expecting what we have in big Indian cities will be wrong. However, these little party havens do not disappoint. For those looking for a quieter deal on this night, trust us, the blanket of stars (and some of us for sure!) will be along for company :)

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Open your windows to a snow clad mountain range with the most beautiful, serene landscape ever. How does this sound for a New Year Morning view? Trust us, there is no better hangover than the beauty of Bhutan. Thimpu, the capital of Bhutan is a bustling city. But in the winters, everything takes a whole new spin. The cold is binding and people's warmth at its all time high. We walk to the magnificent Trashi Choe Dzong post breakfast. Dzong refers to monastery, but this one here also serves as the parliamentary building and seat of the King. On the agenda today is a folk heritage museum, a memorial chorten, some silent spots overlooking the mountains, the markets, trying out their traditional food and clothes etc.

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We drive out to Bagdogra today for our departure back home. For the best travel options from Bagdogra please contact us. Tour ends here today.

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Photos contributed by Aarushi Dsouza, Siddharth Menon and Team Routed